F3 provides meals to members of CUMC in need due to illness, accident or new births in families that may need support for a short period of time. F3 contacts those in need and gets information on when meals are needed, dietary restrictions and time of day they would like meals delivered.
F3 coordinator sends out an e-mail to all F3 Committee Members listing names of those in need and what dates, time and dietary restrictions they have. Those who can prepare a meal or two will respond “to all” on the email stating who they will be preparing meal for and what date(s). F3 is in need of additional Committee Members that can offer their services for preparing meals.
Contact Janice Walker @ 281/682-4326 if you are interested in
becoming an F3 Committee Member

UM Army

Once the 2016 schedule for UM Army is released we will reserve a date for our senior high youth to participate. Please visit the Youth pic page for pictures of past UM Army events.