The United Methodist Women’s

United Methodist Men’s, Jared W. Jamail, and

George Holmes Scholarship Fund

  Attached is an application form for an individual scholarship for use at the College or University to which you are admitted.  

Please fill out the application and submit it along with the other items needed for a thorough evaluation of the applicant’s eligibility and need for financial assistance.  Please provide brief references that may either be turned in with the application or emailed directly from the reference to the church at:   Following is a list of the references required:  

  • academic reference from a teacher/professor, counselor, or principal/administrator


  • from a member of Crosby United Methodist Church (must not be a staff member)


  • reference from an individual of the applicant’s choice


In addition, please include a letter describing your educational goals and personal aspirations.   The following priorities for awarding funds are to be considered, not necessarily in the order stated:  

  1. degree of need for financial assistance
  2. level of activity as a member of Crosby United Methodist Church
  3. motivation to attend school, and
  4. personality and character assessment

  After you have completed the application and have included all the above-mentioned items, please return it to the church office, mail, or email to Crosby United Methodist Church P.O. Box 1385 Crosby, TX  77532-1385  

Deadline for submitting this year’s application is May 30, 2024

 All incomplete forms will be rejected.

Click on the link above for a PDF File